“ Champagne Seoul operates a sommelier scholarship. We plan to send winery tours through a drawing among the sommeliers who participated in the event. Champagne Seoul will do its best to help sommeliers develop their capabilities and would like to contribute to the development of Korea's wine culture. “

Head Sommelier

Woon Kyung Jang

Les Clefs de Crystal. Manager
On behalf of all wine enthusiasts, I am thrilled to present Champagne Seoul in Korea. I feel honored and flattered to take part in this event. Hosting the Champagne Seoul in Korea will be a memorable and proud occasion to treasure for all wine fans, professionals, and industry supporters. Just as well, Korea extends a grand welcome to winery owners and winemakers. Whether it is the first or having been in Korea before, the season's breathtaking scenery will spice up your experience. And for all the guests, we will surely make this an unforgettable day. Cheers!

Head Sommelier

Nae Jin Cho

Wepleend Choi. General Manager
It's an honor to be able to participate in such a wonderful event. As a champagne-loving sommelier, I will do my best to serve you. I will cooperate with my team members so that it can be a meaningful event.

Kwang Yeol Lee

Bicena, Sommelier
As the Head Sommelier at Bicena, KwangYeol Lee grants customers a remarkable dining experience, especially with his distinctive selection of wine pairings that are different from the typical. Lee carefully selects elegant wines that greatly harmonize with Bicena's delicate dishes. With his experiences at diverse dining places, including restaurants and bars, his creative ways of service enhance the depth of customers' dining experiences. Champagne is Lee's favorite type of wine, which is reflected on his list of wine pairings at Bicena.

Nathan Kim

Josun Hotel & Resorts, Executive Sommelier
I am a Sommelier, but my clients call me a SHOWmelier. I am a metaphorical juggler who balances the complexities of the taste with a delightful atmosphere. Welcome to my show. Allow me to pour you a glass of laughter to sophistication.

Hochul Shin

Evett, Sommelier
As a champagne lover, thank you for inviting me to such a meaningful event. It's an honor to be with such amazing sommeliers. I would like to leverage this opportunity to develop my ability at wines.

InYoung Youk

Gucci Osteria Seoul da Massimo Bottura, Sommelier
As a wine lover, I am honored to be a part of this wonderful event held in Seoul in the huge category of champagne. I'm especially excited about the collaboration between the winery I love. We will do our best to serve you.

HyunSoo Ma

Muoki, Sommelier
I am truly honored to participate in the Champagne Seoul event that will take place for the first time in Korea.

I remember traveling to Champagne in June this year. I was so happy to walk through the numerous vineyards that I had only seen in pictures, tasting wine, and talking with many Winemaker.

Now, I would like to share the unforgettable memories and happiness I felt with those who love champagne at the Champagne Seoul event.

Junyoung Lee

Festa by mingoo, Head Sommelier & Outlet Manager
As an enthusiast of champagne, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for being a part of this meaningful event. I am delighted to witness the remarkable growth of the wine market and am hopeful that this event will contribute to the development of a vibrant and positive wine culture. Sante!

Jaemyoung Joo

Imok Smoke Dining(Labwrkrs), Head Sommelier
As a wine lover, thank you for the opportunity to participate in this glorious event. Along with the Champagne Seoul event, we will do our best to make it a good memory for our guests who visit our Imok Smoke Dining.

Donggeon Yoo

Bawi pasta bar, Sommelier
I am truly honored that join the event for champagne lovers.

I'm not good enough, but I'll do my best to make this event the best.

Dongyeon Ko

Solbam, Sommelier
It is my privilege to be a part of this remarkable event, the first of its kind in Korea. It is indeed an honor to witness this occasion, where the world of champagne and culture converge in such a spectacular way.
Our hopes and aspirations for this evening are twofold. Firstly, we wish for this gala dinner to be a resounding success, an evening filled with exquisite flavors, unforgettable memories, and a touch of elegance that will linger in your hearts. And secondly, we envision that this is just the beginning of a journey toward bringing more diverse and extraordinary opportunities to the world of wine here in Korea.
The wine producers' dedication to the craft has transformed grapes into liquid poetry. Their expertise and passion for their art have brought us all together to celebrate the magic of wine.
In the spirit of hospitality, we are committed to delivering impeccable service, one that not only caters to the discerning palate of our esteemed wine producer but also ensures that our cherished guests have an exceptional and memorable experience. Cheers to a night of splendor, fine wines, and the beauty of shared moments!

Jinpyo Kim

Domaine Cheongdam, Sommelier&Manager
I’m working as a manager and sommelier at Domaine Cheongdam, based on French Cuisine dining and wine bar. Domaine Cheongdam is pursuit the continuously-experience. Wine, Food and Space are connected. For the great experience at the restaurant, our team focus on the good service, wine list and food fairing.
Our restaurant rooms have each themed to the region or soil that produces the wine, with Chablis, Burgundy, and Bordeaux coming to mind. Also you can found artworks by famous artists are also displayed every season in collaboration with galleries, making it can feel like you are enjoying wine in a gallery.
I’m very happy to be a part of the Champagne Seoul event, which is being organized in Korea for the first time. I hope that the Champagne Seoul event will be an opportunity for wine culture, including Champagne, to take a step forward in the Korean wine market.