Jongwon Son

Eatanic Garden & L’Amant Secret Restaurant >
Jongwon Son is a renowned chef in the culinary industry, having achieved the prestigious honor of being awarded twice in the Michelin Guide Seoul 2023. He studied in the United States since high school and worked at Michelin 3-star restaurants, including Quince, Benu, and Coi in San Francisco and Noma in Copenhagen. He returned to Korea in 2017 and now leads two restaurants, serving as the executive chef at L'Amant Secret and Eatanic Garden, both of which have received 1 Michelin star each.

Initially, Son did not aspire to a career as a chef; his original academic pursuit was in civil engineering. However, during his fourth year of college, he had a serendipitous opportunity to visit the Culinary Institute of America in New York, an experience that ignited his passion. This encounter was not solely influenced by the institute's exceptional educational program but also by the evident delight on the faces of its students. Subsequently, he took the time to introspect and identify his true calling. Son discovered his profound love for culinary arts and, despite familial objections, embarked on the path of gastronomy. To this day, he remains committed to this culinary journey.

Son’s first restaurant, L'Amant Secret, embodies an exclusive fusion of wit and emotion unique to Seoul, presenting inventive menus that creatively reinterpret seasonally sourced ingredients with a strong emphasis on sustainability. His second restaurant, Eatanic Garden, is a Korean fine dining restaurant located on the 36th floor of the Josun Palace. It continually strives for innovative Korean cuisine, reviving forgotten aspects of Korean culinary culture, and reintroducing them to the world.

Kwangsik Jun

Bicena Restaurant >
Kwangsik Jun believes that food is a medium connecting nature and people as well as person to person and make them commune with each other. In February 2019, Jun served President Moon Jae-in and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a formal state dinner which was held outside of the Blue House for the first time in history.

“Bicena” stands for three Korean verbs that mean “emptying, filling, and then sharing.” Bicena is like an empty bowl. Rather than constricting its creativity and imagination by being content with its past accomplishments, it always searches for something better. Rather than chasing after momentary trends, it tries to keep alive Korea’s age-old unique flavors. Finding the best ingredients and the best combinations, Bicena continues to enrich itself by realizing the limitless potential of Korean cuisine.

Bicena has received One Michelin Star consecutively since the Guide was launched in Seoul in 2017.

Bicena’s dishes

Bicena is a wonder of Korean cuisine; its exemplary team creates memories and builds upon Korean history. The nourishment is an essential part of everyday life therefore, the team believes in cooking food honestly that delivers the best energy to the customers.

The Bicena team seeks to recreate the notion love and truth within Korean cuisine. It was conceived with the idea of accepting the differences in each person’s food memories and sensibilities. Bicena believes in the importance of every single ingredient. It is not about changing or adapting, it is about carrying out the best dishes that are made passionately.

Korean cuisine cannot be defined singularly. It builds upon all stories and various Korean experiences. That tradition creates a humble practice of deeply reflective food experiences. Bicena promises to continue on the path of Korean cuisine that is both truthful and personal.

Joseph Lidgerwood

Evett Restaurant >
Joseph Lidgewood is the owner chef of the restaurant EVETT. Born in Australia, Joseph has worked in prominent restaurants around the world, The French Laundry in Napa ,US as well as The Ledbury and Tom Aikens in London, UK.

Since a young age, Joseph has been intrigued by different ingredients and cultures around the world. This has led him to work on a number of culinary projects and popup restaurants in various cities – New York, Hong Kong and Yangon, plus many more. Building upon his vast experiences and insights, Joseph opened EVETT in Seoul's Yeoksam-dong in 2019, presenting a modern reinterpretation of Korean ingredients and traditional cuisine through his tasting menus. EVETT received 1 star from the Michelin Guide 2020 and maintained its award since then and chef Joseph Lidgerwood received Michelin Young Chef Awards in 2021.

Hyungkyu Jun & Davide Cardellini

Gucci Osteria Seoul da Massimo Bottura Restaurant >
Gucci Osteria Seoul da Massimo Bottura is led by the chefs, Hyungkyu Jun and Davide Cardellini. They have collaborated to create next-level gastronomic experiences, harnessing both Korean and Italian ingredients. Trained at the finest Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe and the US, Hyungkyu Jun and Davide Cardellini happily share their experiences with the blessing of their mentors, Massimo Bottura and Karime Lopez. Together, they have established a contemporary and empowering vision of Italian-Korean cuisine in Seoul. They offer their vision of authentic Italian cuisine through a playful Korean interpretation showcasing no-border innovation.

Chef Hyungkyu Jun is able to bring together his breadth of knowledge and combine his passion, technique and understanding of Italian cuisine and reimagine it in the location of his homeland. He sees himself as a bridge where he is able to “translate the idea of a creative, Italian contemporary cuisine through the prism of the very finest Korean and East Asian products. It’s a happy dialogue bridging different cultures''.

Also, for chef Davide, Gucci Osteria Seoul is a place to redefine traditional dishes joyfully and gracefully, seeking equilibrium between the spirits of both homelands and their shared passion for global exploration, achieved through a close collaboration with Chef Jeon Hyung-kyu. As an illustration of his philosophy, Gucci Osteria serves as a venue that distinctly expresses the identity of Gucci House in countries across the globe through the realm of gastronomy.

Gucci Osteria Seoul da Massimo Bottura
Gucci Osteria Seoul engages the senses and shines a light on a new and elegant gastronomic dining experience. A culinary world where European and Korean cultures intertwine. The carefully crafted interiors at Gucci Osteria Seoul take inspiration from the original Florence outpost, with references to the Italian Renaissance and the eclectic mix of aesthetics embraced by Gucci.
As a contemporary restaurant set in the pulsing heart of the capital, Gucci Osteria Seoul redefines the most traditionally recognisable flavours of Italian cuisine enhanced by Asian products and techniques at their most innovative heights.

Moohyun Park

Muoki Restaurant >
MUOKI means oak in the African Swahili language. Chef wanted to be like a hard tree that always didn't shake and had a lot of connection with oak trees, especially in Cape Town, South Africa, where he spent five years. The restaurant was named MUOKI in order to maintain the chef's original intention.

Chef Moo-hyun Park learned cooking from five continents, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa, as well as Korea. In particular, I was awakened to in-depth cooking at The Fat Duck in England, a shipowner in the field of culinary science at the time, and was inspired by Quay in Australia, where nature-friendly cooking was conducted. At The Test Kitchen in Cape Town, South Africa, where I spent the longest time started as an open member and made it to the top 20 in the world in five years. And in his hometown of Korea, he served as the head chef of the first fine dining milieu on Jeju Island, a clean area, and opened its current MUOKI in Seoul in 2017 and has been operating for six years so far, and honorably received the 1 Michelin Guide star in the first year and has been maintained so far.

He has been interested in French cuisine since he was young, wanted to travel around the world to learn creative French cuisine that was unconventional in various ingredients and cultures, and he moved forward toward his dream. In Korea, it has been introducing Modern French of the creative International Style, not Korean-French. It always selects seasonal ingredients and shows new, delicious, and stylish dishes through various ideas and techniques of chefs.

Wooseop Cho

Festa by mingoo, Chef de cuisine Restaurant >
Wooseop Cho is the Chef de Cuisine at Festa by Mingoo. His culinary voyage began in 2009 as a Chef de Partie at Hyatt Regency Incheon, where he laid the foundation for his career.

In 2013, he further honed his skills as a Line Cook at One Market Restaurant in San Francisco.

With a passion for diverse flavors, Cho joined Chef's Table at the Seamarq Hotel in 2015 as a Chef de Partie.

In 2018, he assumed the role of Sous Chef at Paradise City, where his commitment to culinary excellence earned industry recognition.

Now, as the Chef de Cuisine at Festa by Mingoo in Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul since 2022, Cho continues to craft exceptional dishes that delight discerning diners.

Festa by Mingoo is designed as a private villa with an urban green dining concept. It offers guests a relaxing experience, allowing them to enjoy the lush beauty of the garden and oasis pool. Festa by Mingoo provides a familiar yet sophisticated gourmet experience with its contemporary European cuisine, which is crafted with passion and creativity.

Wooseop Cho's culinary journey promises a captivating experience for all who savor his creations, driven by his dedication to excellence and innovation.

Yongwook Yoo

Imok Smoke Dining(Labwrkrs)
He worked in the marketing division of a food company in Korea for 9 years.

He invited his friends, colleagues, and guests to cook them his barbeque in a small weekend farm which is located in ‘Imok, Suwon, Korea.’

Through people who visited his place, his barbeque went viral. His barbeque started to make a huge splash. He decided to leave the company after a lot of thoughts. In 2020 fall, his first restaurant ‘Yoo Yong Wook Barbeque Lab’ was open.

He started barbeque with a ‘Weber’ grill that he got from Itaewon US army base in 1995. By spending massive time in barbeque, he could find his own techniques and identity. When he was thinking about Korean style wood-fire, grill, and barbeque, he got huge inspiration by visiting ‘Ato-Boy’ which is in New York.

He wanted his own menu that contains his own characteristics by infusing Korean sauces into Barbeque but not revealing. That was a moment how he made his signature beef rib. The current course has been made by finding a combination that matches with his concept. ‘Imok’ smoke dining which is led from Yoo Yong Wook barbeque lab was a building built by Japanese architecture in 1988. The building was used as a sauna until 2023 march.

In 2023 August, a building that only used water for 35years has born into a new space with a fire and smoke. Yoo Yong Wook and his team are looking forward to continue their own wood-fire restaurant.

Hyunjung Kim

Bawi pasta bar Restaurant >
Hyunjung Kim is the owner of the Bawi pasta bar.

Bawi meaning as soild as a rock and stay still, the first Bawi pasta Bar opened in 2019 in Seongsu-dong and currently there're two stores in Seongsu and Hannam.

He is a self taught chef who travelled between Tokyo and Korea to experience and learn from the cusine, which inspired him to create simple but delicate dishes packed with flavours by using the ultimate seasonal seafood from Korea.

Every experience in his daily life motivates him to develop and refine the way he cooks and use as the foundation and opportunity for change and improvement.

Taejun Eom

Solbam Restaurant >
Chef Eom Taejun skillfully melds his extensive culinary experiences with Korean influences to craft and evolve Solbam's dishes. His creative process draws its greatest inspiration from "Awe for Nature," resulting in a contemporary culinary experience that seamlessly integrates his unique culinary expertise. This approach is rooted in a profound respect for nature, a deep exploration of Korean ingredients across seasons, and the application of traditional Korean cooking techniques.

Furthermore, Chef Eom places a strong emphasis on sustainability, fostering a harmonious relationship with seasonal ingredients and local farms. He passionately seeks out regional Korean spirits, showcasing them to discerning food enthusiasts, and actively supports research and innovation among small-scale producers. The chef's unwavering dedication ensures that diners savor a pure gourmet delight throughout their meal.

Jinwoo Park

Domaine Cheongdam Restaurant >
Jin Woo Park is in charge of the kitchen at Domaine Cheongdam, which pursues modern French cuisine. Domaine Cheongdam’s kitchen team is comprised of chefs who love wine. They pursuit the best-synergy of wine and food. Rather than ending a meal just by eating food, they create food that acts as a bridge between food and wine. Their team are focusing on creating a store that increases satisfaction with food, space and service.

Domaine Cheongdam is a dining and wine bar that serves refined French-inspired food from a team of expert chefs and a selection of international wines from expert sommeliers in a space that feels like a winery in Burgundy.

Hope that this Champagne Seoul event will be a great opportunity to experience various food and champagne pairings at Domaine Cheongdam.