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Daekyo builds the largest education network of participating customers based on customer experience innovation made through connection and exponential growth.

Daekyo provides more than the value of learning such as trust, growth and happiness through whole-person education and inter-customer exchange


Josun Palace, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Seoul Gangnam is Marriott International’s the first Luxury Collection-branded property to open in South Korea. This hotel celebrates the heritage of the first opulent hotel in Korea, the century-old Chosun Hotel, once an iconic landmark in the heart of the city.

Modern Aesthetics with Timeless Korean Elements

Designed by renowned architectural creative team Humbert & Poyet of Monaco, Josun Palace redefines luxury by combining sophisticated modern hotel aesthetics with timeless Korean design elements such as strong lines and bold geometric designs. The hotel’s arrival area and its sumptuous Grand Reception usher guests into an extraordinary world of elegance and impeccable Korean hospitality with over 100 pieces of artworks including breathtaking art piece of Daniel Arsham’s Blue Calcite Eroded Moses at Welcome Avenue. To awaken all the senses from the moment of their arrival to their departure, Josun Palace also features a signature fragrance, ‘Lasting Impression’ throughout all its spaces, which evokes the mystery and elegance of incense.

Luxuriously Restful Nights

Each of the hotel’s 254 rooms and suites offer breathtaking views over Seoul, and are furnished with the latest amenities for every comfort and convenience. All guest rooms feature premium Simmons Beautyrest® beds, and the Josun Masters Suite and Josun Grand Masters Suite feature Simmons Beautyrest Black® beds. For the ultimate in luxurious and restful nights of sleep, the bedding in each room is the exclusive ‘Andrea’ line by Frette Bed & Bedding. Toiletries and bath amenities in each room are by The Luxury Collection’s signature ‘Le Chemin’ line by BYREDO. Each room and suite also features a specialized private bar for guests who enjoy creating their own cocktails and other drinks in-room.

Sophisticated Dining Choices

Guests are spoilt for choice with an array of food and beverage options at Josun Palace. Constans is the hotel’s the finest buffet restaurant, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and serving local and international menu favorites. For authentic modern Chinese fine dining, The Great Hong Yuan serves curated seasonal menus to tempt the most discerning palates. New Korean contemporary food is showcased in the bright and airy spaces of Eatanic Garden which is a one – Michelin – star restaurant. Eatanic Garden’s encircling interpretation of Korea’s graceful food culture invites guest to a unique dining experience. For guests who enjoy cocktails and classic spirits in a timelessly elegant setting with beautiful evening views over the city, 1914 Lounge & Bar is the ideal spot for a quiet aperitif or nightcap. Josun Deli the Boutique serves delicious freshly-baked pastries and cakes, along with gourmet coffee and tea for an afternoon treat.

Wine Chilling Bucket

Introducing Munaze’s Korean Traditional Ceramic Wine Chilling Bucket, a masterpiece of craftsmanship. This exquisite piece comes in two variations: one meticulously crafted in Buncheong style with intricate embossed details, while the other boasts delicate Baekja (white porcelain) featuring elaborate drawings. Inside, you'll find tasteful gold accents that add a touch of opulence. This elegant wine chilling bucket seamlessly blends the allure of Korean traditional patterns with a sense of exotic sophistication, resulting in a truly refined addition to your collection. Munaze's skilled artisans have been engaged in the art of pottery since 2003. We meticulously craft each with the belief that pottery plays a significant role in enhancing the overall dining experience. Over the span of more than two decades, this unwavering dedication to craftsmanship has been the primary driving force behind our success.

Munaze holds a distinguished position in the global landscape as a symbol of Korean craftsmanship and cultural artistry. Drawing inspiration from the patterns and hues found in King’s dragon cloth, Munaze's Royal Magenta color exemplifies its unique aesthetic perspective with a refined deep pink shade. The emblem of Munaze, adorned with traditional patterns, encapsulates the essence of our cultural identity, incorporating elements reminiscent of Dancheong art.

We hold deep reverence for the essence and worth of our pottery that has evolved into a distinctive aesthetic consciousness. Through Munaze, we aspire for you to sense the rich heritage of our culture.


Wine Route is the leading software solution company for wine retailers in Korea. Based on vast experiences and understandings of the team in both IT and wine industry, Wine Route operates the most convenient and approachable smart-order solution that is seamlessly integrated into Kakao Talk messenger.

Appointed as an official partner of Kakao and funded by prestigious VCs, Wine Route relentlessly strives to bridge the gap between technology innovations and wine industry traditions.

The EuroCave brand, French style.

We create new ways of experiencing, storing, serving and sharing wine.

A love of wine.

Entertaining, spending time round the table, enjoying food and wine, making the most of every moment... some examples that perfectly sum up the French way of life; social skills and etiquette which have guided us since we started. This "French" style which makes EuroCave internationally well-known, is an integral part of wine, our heritage.

The pleasure of drinking wine.

EuroCave's history results from the desire to take care of wine, in order to guarantee, by respecting the intentions of the wine producer, optimal wine tasting conditions. Serious wine enthusiasts know that the slightest detail is important in order to really enjoy a good wine. A well-stored wine, which has patiently waited in a cellar before being opened for a special occasion or simply for pleasure, has no price.

French manufacturing.

Wine, the last word in French heritage, stored in a wine cabinet manufactured in France, something we have committed to since we began in 1976.
We are the only wine cabinet manufacturer to hold the Origine France Garantie and Living Heritage Company (EPV) labels.

Exceptional expertise, catalyst for emotion.

EuroCave represents French excellence. Each product is the result of the passion which drives us, an in-depth knowledge of wine and a high level of craftsmanship.

In 1976, a handful of men created the first wine cabinet for storing wine, a completely innovative concept and a source of national pride. Years later, Eurocave’s wine cabinets, the best wine cabinet in the world, the Holy Grail for wine lovers, is protecting and enhancing Romanée Conti, Clos Vougeot, Hermitage, Château Margaux and other fine wines.

In half a century of research and commitments, EuroCave has invented solutions which have taken wine storage and service to the next level.

Hillebrand Gori

Hillebrand Gori - a company of DHL is the leading logistics provider for the wine, beer and spirts industry. Their reputation is built upon their understanding of what these sensitive products need, in order to move, store and arrive in optimum condition.

They have a clear goal; to make logistics easy and sustainable for everyone.As a global logistics provider, they do much more than transport wine on pallets or in flexitanks, from one place to another. They carefully handle any quantity, along any route, across all modalities. They also manage the transportation of the raw materials and packaging needed for crafting drinks, to help streamline their customers supply chains.Going beyond the process of moving beverages across the global, they build solutions for each customer depending on their needs. Their solutions are adaptable and scalable for each customer, depending on their needs, from shipment planning advice and supply chain analysis, to customs clearance, insurance and warehousing.

Each shipment is carried with the utmost care and in the shortest transit time possible.Hillebrand Gori have offices all over the world, with expert people in every market where wine is crafted and consumed.

WSA Wine Academy

The first internationally accredited wine academy in Korea:

Established in 2005 and launched WSET and WSG as the first provider in Korea.

The Largest and Leading wine education institution in Korea:

Over 18,000 alumni who are wine professionals in F&B business, wine experts, opinion leaders or high-end wine lovers. Ten award winners of Korea Sommelier Contest during 2016-2022.

Regular programs:

WSET, WSG (IWS, SWS, FWS), CIVB, Bourgogne Master Program, Sud de France, Capstone California, NZ wine certification, Australian wine discovery.

Special programs:

Brand day, seminar and tasting sessions by winemakers and winery owners.

K Auction

Founded in September 2005, K Auction is Korea’s premier auction house.

K Auction holds Major Auctions, Special Auctions, Charity Auctions, and Private Collection Auctions, offering Modern and Contemporary artworks by major Korean and International artists as well as Korean Traditional Arts and Crafts. K Auction has worked to revitalize and expand the domestic art market, holding approximately 80 Online Auctions per year.

K Auction formed a competition-based structure in a formerly monopolized market and began holding auctions based on fair and transparent market pricing, resulting in rapid improvement in the domestic art market. We have striven for a healthy and robust art market built on reasonable pricing, fair competition, and a transparent and trustworthy retail infrastructure, and will continue to support the development of the art market and the cultural sector to the best of our ability.

Arte K

arte k, a subsidiary of K-Auction, supports contemporary / emerging artists and contributes to the art community. we communicate with artists from various field, discover new senses, strive to present an new inspiration, leading the innovative flow in the art scene.

to accomplish this, we engaged in divers activities, ranging from organizing exhibitions to participating in renowned art fair and also we curate a bridge between the public and exquisite artworks through brand collaboration.

with arte k, collector's can go beyond consuming art and enjoy the elevated eperience of being a collector.


Bimirya Boutique, distributing truffles and caviar to most Michelin-star restaurants, provides a better, tastier, and fresher gourmet product to their customers.

With abundant experience, responding with authenticity and delicately to keep up with the remarkable growth of the Korean gastronomy industry so that only the best seasonal ingredients reach the guest table.

Caviar, Epicure’s Black Pearl

Caviar shows a variety of egg sizes, color and flavor characteristics depending on the breed of Sturgeon. Therefore, the understanding of each species and the ability to select and manage roes are considered to be the manufacturer’s ability.

Bimiriya Boutique is introducing French brand Kaviari, recognized by Michelin-starred chefs around the world with history and tradition, and their own brand, Amour Caviar, selected directly from a farm with the world’s largest caviar production.

By diversifying five species into nine products, from Transmontanus, Oscietra, Kaluga Hybrid, Daurikus, and Beluga, they are meeting the diverse needs of the market with outstanding product quality and guaranteed taste palate, from entry level to high-end products. In addition, they are striving to develop the market by delivering the correct information on caviar and by upward leveling.

Diamond under the earth, Truffle

Fresh truffles embody the essence of nature though its subtle taste and aroma.

They deal with fresh truffles according to its best season, including White, Winter (Perigord), Summer, Autumn, and Chinese truffles, and aim to maintain the highest level of freshness and satisfy discerning palates. To this end, they import only the best-graded products from various European farms, such as Italy, France, Spain, and Croatia, at least twice a week, and supply them through a rigorous self-inspection process.

Bimirya Boutique also stocks a wide range of frozen truffles and dried mushroom (Champignons, Morille, Girolle, Trumpet, Porcini) products, broadening customer accessibility.

Gangwon Deep Sea Water 'Cheon Yeon Dong An’

Deep sea water is formed differently from the beginning.When the ocean meets the glacier, it is separated from the surface water and forms a new mineral stream.Such mineral stream has circulated 200m below the sea level for thousands of years. It has abundant mineral and dissolved oxygen and becomes the deep sea water in East Sea.

The deep sea water from the East Sea is recognized to have the best quality by world's renowned deep sea water scientists.The development of deep sea water has begun in 2000 when the area around Songjiho Lake in Goseong-gun, Gangnwon-do was selected as one of the national projects. In 2006, joint ventures between Gangwon-do, Goseong-gun and Daekyo Co. LTD have established Gangwon Deep Sea Water, Inc.

In the depth of 605m, nation's first ever 6km-long seamless sheathed metal HDPE pipe is used to stably collect 3,000 ton/day. As soon as the 'Cheon Yeon Dong An' was launched the excellence of Gangwon Deep Sea Water has become known worldwide.

Features of 'Cheon Yeon Dong An’

- Rich Minerals :You can get plenty of minerals such as magnesium, calcium and kalium which you may lack in ordinary life
- Mineral Balance of 3:1:1 :Proper composition ration of Deep Sea Water (Ma : Ca: K = 3:1:1)
The reason why Deep Sea Water is so good for human body is that it keeps Mineral balance similar to body fluids.

- Quick Absorption to the body : As it exits as ionized mineral, body soaks it up quickly.


- 2023 internation Taste Institute 'superior Taste Award 3stars.'
- 2019, 2022 Korea International Sommelier Association winner of 'blind Water Taste Test'