Nara Kim

Bori&co, Manager
I am the manager of Bori & Co, which imports and distributes gourmet products from France. I am not currently working as a sommelière, but I am very honored to have the opportunity to participate in this event. I will do my best to successfully hold this event with the sommeliers representing Korea.
Santé !

Minjun Kim

JUNGSIK, Head Sommelier
Champagne Seoul will play a big role in the further development of Korea's wine market. It is an honor to even breathe in the same space with many of Champagne's famous makers, and we will provide those who attend a day they will never forget in their lives.

Soyeon Kim

Hyeongje Jogak, Sommelier
As a champagne lover, I am honored to be the sommelier for the first Champagne Seoul event in Korea.
I will do my best to make this event an unforgettable and happy memory for everyone who attended.

Sumi Kim

It is a great honor to attend Champagne Seoul. It is an honorable experience as an F&B person. I will strive to create precious memories with every bubble of champagne.

Kenneth Hyeonguk Kim

Cook To Gather Hannam, Head Sommelier & Wine Consultant
"Brothers, come quickly! I'm drinking stars!"
It is said to be the story of Pierre Pérignon, 'The Father of Champagne' exclaimed upon his first discovery of bubbles in the bottle. Of course, the authenticity of this story is unclear. However this romantic story is still driving millions of people into this ecstatic bubble.
From the magnificent elegance of Reims Cathedral to the iconic life of luxury and celebrities, the story in a glass of Champagne is as endless as the number of bubbles.
I'm already excited and looking forward to sharing the story of this drink of gracefulness in Seoul, the world's most trendy and dynamic city.

Yoonsu Noh

KANGMINCHUL Restaurant, Sommelier
First and foremost, it is an honor to have the opportunity to be a part of Champagne Seoul. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has provided the chance to introduce a variety of champagnes in the domestic market and collaborate with wonderful producers.
On a personal note, I view this as a valuable opportunity to gain insights into the domestic champagne market and the needs of our customers. Furthermore, I aspire for this event to evolve into the most impactful initiative that can positively influence the domestic wine market

Hyunsoo Ma

MUOKI, Sommelier
I am truly honored to participate in the Champagne Seoul event that will take place for the first time in Korea.
I remember traveling to Champagne in June this year. I was so happy to walk through the numerous vineyards that I had only seen in pictures, tasting wine, and talking with many Winemaker.
Now, I would like to share the unforgettable memories and happiness I felt with those who love champagne at the Champagne Seoul event.

Jeongin Min

Champagne is all about commemorating special moments and strengthening the bonds of camaraderie. Through this event, we hope to discover the allure of champagne together and create memorable moments that will last a lifetime.

Sungjun Park

JUNGSIK, Sommelier
What I really appreciate about a bottle of Champagne is that it could be in every moment we love. Party, Celebration, Birthdays and any kind of Happiness we share in our lives. This is the time when we all bring joy to the city of Seoul with a glass of Champagne. Truly glad to be the part of this event.

Soonseok Park

Trainbleu1647, Manager
As a wine lover and sommelier, I am honored to be a part of this Champagne Seoul event. I will do my best as a sommelier connecting producers and consumers, I will enjoy this great party together. Congratulations again on the Champagne Seoul event.

Geunwon Bae

L’amitié, Sommelier
As a sommelier at Lamitie, a French cuisine restaurant. It is an honor to share this moment with great and wonderful people. I hope this event will prove to be a growing experience for everyone, and I promise to do my best as a sommelier. It is my sincere hope that this event will be successful to the end, and be held every year moving forward.

Junghwan Bae (Raul)

I'm very happy to participate in this wonderful event as a Champagne lover sommelier. I will do my best for the successful Champagne Seoul event and my development.

Seulki Seo

Wepleend Choi, Sommelier
I'm thrilled to take part in the first-ever Champagne Seoul event in Korea. I'll put in my best effort to make sure everyone, from sommeliers to champagne lovers, has a great time at this event.
Thank you.

Wonkyu Seo

Restaurant Dexter, Sommelier
I am honored to have the opportunity to work alongside various champagne makers and sommeliers. I am eager to contribute my best efforts in this position, as it is a great opportunity for me to learn as a sommelier. I will do my best to provide excellent service.
Thank you.

Yoonju Yang

Yangsomm Wine, Freelance sommelier
Passionate Sommelière since 2009
Will continue to love Champagne. Serving Champagne in its best condition will be a delightful moment. Looking forward to the day of Champagne Seoul with the best sommeliers in Korea.

Shingil Eom

SG dinehill, Executive Sommelier
As a wine lover, wine enthusiasts, wine sommelier, it is a really great honor and opportunity to participate in this great event. I will surely enjoy and provide the best service until there is no bubble left in the glass.

Lucy Oh

Ivresse, General Manager
Here in Seoul, united by our love of Champagne, I'm reminded of my time in France - good friends and good food introduced me to the magic of this bubbly drink. I'm very grateful to be here, ready to enjoy Champagne and share its stories with you. It's also about the quiet friendships that come to life with every glass we share. Here's to the beautiful moments and memories we will create together!

JungIn Lee

KORII Restaurant, Sommelier
It‘s a great honor to participate in the first Champagne Seoul event together. I'm sure it'll be a great memory to be able to share this wonderful moment with great champagne producers and sommeliers.
Based on this experience, I will continue to try to provide my own special service with my slogan, "Somelier is a special link between customers and wine."
Thank you again to all the people who worked hard for the Champagne Seoul event. we will make it a meaningful memory!
Thank you.

Chaemi Lee

Mosu Seoul, Head Sommelier
As a sommelier, I am very happy and honored to have such a big event in Korea. We have experienced many related wine events, but this event is even more special. I am so proud and very exited to be a member of ‘Champagne Seoul’. Our Team is ready to enjoy this festival together. ‘Champagne Seoul’ will give sommeliers, wine makers and visitors unforgettable experiences and joy.

Juhee Lim

Freelance Sommelier
I was an office worker in Korea but a turning point led me to pursue a profound interest in the wine world. I spent 8 years in France studying and working in the wine industry from conventional to natural wine. Last year, I returned to Korea and am currently preparing to open a small wine bar.
Champagne is the wine of celebration, inspiring and loved by everyone and, I am thrilled to be participating in prestigious champagne events in Korea alongside respected sommeliers. I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has worked hard to make this wonderful event happen, and I am looking forward to contributing to the Champagne Seoul.
To the success of the event and the joy it brings—Santé!

Cheonghwi Lim

Le Monde du Vin, Sommelier
I am delighted and honored to be a part of this meaningful event 'Champagne Seoul'. Champagne is a wine that makes life's precious moments more special. I will do my best to introduce the wines to the champagne lovers who come to the event and make this event special and beautifully remembered.

Joohee Jung

Salon du Bouquet, Sommelier
I'm a sommelier at wine bar ‘Salon du Bouquet’.
I think the pleasure of drinking wine starts with a good service, so I'm trying to have a good experience and time with you. It is an honor to participate in this Champagne Seoul event.

Jaeho Cho

Le Monde du Vin, Sommelier
First of all, I would like to thank Peter Liem, Joon Hyuk Lee, the champagne producers and everyone involved for organizing such a great event. As a sommelier who loves Champagne, it is an honor to participate in this event. I will do my best to make the event memorable for everyone who attends with my team. I hope you enjoy the event, and I look forward to serving you.

Eunhye Choi

L‘escape Hotel, Head Sommelier
It‘s an honor to share various champagne winemaker and champagne seoul. As a champagne lover, thank you for inviting me big event and I’m really happy to with a nice sommelier. I would like to show everyone the charm of champagne. I will let you know champagne team‘s story and support it. Let’s try to make some memorable time.

Soohyeon Heo

Restaurant Allen, Sommelier
It is a great honor to be part of the "Champagne Seoul" team that introduces guests to a wide range of wonderful artisan champagnes. I'm so excited to be able to expand my passion and hospitality as a sommelier. Please Enjoy the elegance of Champagne and the vibrant atmosphere of Seoul.
Santé !

Leo Hong

Détendu, Manager
I think the hundreds of millions of bubbles in champagne are like our lives. I think it is an infinite honor to be able to support this event, which is the first time in Korea, and I will do my best to make it the best memory for everyone attending.
Thank you.

Gwanghyeon Hong

TUSOMM, Owner Sommelier
I am honored to be part of 'Champagne Seoul,' which is opening its doors for the first time in Korea. My heart is already pounding with excitement as I look forward to this new beginning alongside the world's renowned Champagne producers.
Champagne has always been a source of inspiration, joy, and at times, solace for me. I hope that this event will provide an opportunity for all of us to share these emotions together.
This event will undoubtedly introduce a new dimension to Korea's wine culture and serve as a platform to showcase the diverse and rich world of Champagne. With a passion for wine, I am committed to sharing special moments with all of you and eagerly anticipate creating memorable experiences for everyone. Cheers!