Wine List

Grand Tasting : NV Blanc Absolu Blanc de Blancs Brut, NV Zero Brut Nature. NV Influence Brut, 2013 Symbiose Extra Brut

Gala Dinner : NV Blanc Absolu Blanc de Blancs Brut Magnum, NV Influence Brut Magnum,  2017 La Vigne à Alfred Extra Brut


Minière is located in Hermonville, Montagne de Reim. It is RM Domaine, a fourth-generation business run by two brothers, Frédéric Miniere and Rodolphe Miniere. 


 In the late 90s, Frédéric Miniere worked with Anselme Selosse of Jacques Selosse. This led him to fall in love with barrel-aging champagne and learn the value of organic farming. 


All wines in Minière are aged in oak barrels. Barrels with various capacities, origins, and lifespans are used to manifest the various characteristics of wine and blending complexity. After compressing, the must is transferred to barrels to be fermented. It is contacted with Lees for 6-8 months, and depending on the vintage, it is aged by stirring the must at various cycles.


After the long maturation process in the cellar, malolactic fermentation is not carried out to maintain the freshness of the wine. Instead, after bottling, wines are matured slowly for a minimum of 5-6 years. As for vintage wines, they are matured for 8-10 years. Most of the 8-ha vineyards owned by Domaine are located in Hermonville. In particular, the section that produces vintage Cuvée is all located in this area. The age of a vine is from 15 to 65 years, and the average age is about 45 years (In the entire 8 ha, 5.5 ha, which takes up 70% of the area is old vines).