Wine List

Grand Tasting : NV Croisettes Brut Nature, NV Extra Brut, NV Brut Nature, NV Rose Extra Brut

Gala Dinner : NV Pur Chardonnay Anna T. Extra Brut Magnum, NV Pinot Meunier Brut Nature Magnum, NV Pinot Noir Extra Brut Magnum


Jean Philippe Trousset is a family business winery located in Les Mesneux in the part of the Petite Montagne de Reims. Besides Les Mesneux, they are cultivating 7.6 ha at Sacy 1er Cru, Villedommange 1er Cru and Gueux. The winery owner and winemaker Jean Philippe Trousset is from the Trousset family, cultivating grapes since 1697. Harvest and all winemaking process is done manually, and the annual production is approximately 60,000 bottles.


Jean Philippe Trousset was launched under the name Trousset Guillemart in 1958. In 2020, it changed its name to Jean Phillippe Trousset. 


Jean Philippe Trousset is providing grapes from Gueux to Jerome Prevost, grapes from Sacy, Les Mesneux to Frederic Savart. Therefore, Trousset is a cultivator and winemaker recognized by producers around. 


Jean Philippe Trousset has acquired a High Value of Environment certification. He practices high-quality eco-friendly farming, and he also conducts analysis of pesticide residues.